Thursday, December 17, 2009

Social Event: Nuffnang Xmas Party (Melbourne Edition)

This adorable art was done by my dear friend, Violet!

Blogging can sometimes be a rather lonely path. You are sitting in front of your computer, typing out your thoughts and pouring out your soul, and you are never guranteed readers. At least I know I'm not as my blogs are still relatively new.

But Nuffnang put a stop to that. Together with fellow bloggers, they have been building (and still building!) a supportive community for bloggers and holding events to bring bloggers together. And with christmas round the corner, what better excuse than a christmas party?

To be honest I was reluctant to go. My partner in crime was stuck in work meetings all night long and I dreaded having to go alone to an event where I knew nobody. Forget that there'd be other people in the same boat, forget that I really should be making new friends. The fact remained that I was too shy. Too fresh in my mind, the days when I was snubbed at parties, too fresh in my mind, the days of me feeling absolutely lost and left out. So to be honest, I didn't want to go.

But with the encouragement of Celina and the desire to meet other bloggers, especially the ones whom I've been reading for ever so long! I decided I'd go. And looking back, I am so thankful that Celina pushed me to go. I'd have missed out the wonderful night otherwise. Here are some photos of the night, taken by Candice from Super Kawaii Mama if i'm not mistaken.

I'd tell you who all the bloggers were but unfortunately my short term memory is kinda that. Short.
I will try to ferret out who's who over the next few days, but for now let me end this social report with a:

When I wandered in, feeling terribly out of place, contemplating making a dash back to my car which was round the corner: Candice was the first person to welcome me in with a warm smile. It calmed my nerves and made me feel a thousand times better. So thank you Candice. And thank you to Nuffnang for being such a wonderful host. It was a really enjoyable night!

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