Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Have a very ecofashionista Christmas!

I'm rather late in my report giving, but better late than never?

With the world going the way it is, it really makes me wonder how soon are we going to find ourselves in a barren world with all our natural resources used up? Everyday you look around you and more trees are cut down, more natural resources burnt up and more waste is produced. Do you really want to leave your grandchildren and generations to come a rather empty world to live in?

I love nature, greens, forests and such and the thought of potentially not having them on this planet anymore makes me die a little inside. That's why I support recycling and eco-friendly products, and frown upon the mad dash and crazy manner of consumerism that Christmas seem to inspire every year.

So when < Insert Name Here > boutique in Georges on Collins held an event to help educate shoppers on how to make ethical and environmentally friendly choices for their christmas shopping this season, I jumped at the chance to be there and show my support.

The resident designers of < Insert Name Here > were all present and along with my partner-in-crime, we ooh'd and ahh'd over the beautiful creations of EvaQ, drool'd (not literally!) over the shining jewels from the Joolz collections and the funky T-shirts from T-shirt Garage brought a smile to our face.

Not to mention the fantastic door gifts (organic chocolate, who can say no?) and organic vodka (now this was really yummy!) really made the night a night to remember. Pauline from PK Walker gave a lovely talk about the importance of being environmentally friendly, organic and urge shoppers to be aware of what goes into the items that we purchase. It was really an enjoyable evening not to mention a rather educational one as well!

From left: Alex Hume from Ecofashionista and Pauline from PK Walker

So shop wisely this Christmas, and think about the environment before you purchase anything. There are many ways you can help save the environment, and if everybody did just a little bit to help lessen the impact, this world will stay green for a much longer time.

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