Monday, December 7, 2009

Let us go Linky-link..

I love to read blogs as I find them much easier and way more interesting to read than new's sites. So I learn of my news 2nd hand, but in a much more interesting way!

So below you will find a list of blogs that I read and devour greedily as soon as they pop up on my google reader. (God bless Google Reader!)

Australian Fashionistas

Lady Melbourne
Voted best fashion blog in the Nuffnang regional blog awards 2009. She shares lots of fantastic tips on vintage and op shop shopping, as well as quick tutorials on how to upcycle clothes into new wearable fashion.

Super Kawaii Mama
If you are a retro or vintage lover, you cannot let this one go. She's absolutely sweet and shares my love of all things sparklies! Beautiful tutorials and her ever dazzling smile always brightens the day.

Violet Le Beaux
A fellow lolita and himegyaru lover, Violet shares heaps of tutorials on all things girly! Lots of clothing how-to and hair-do tutorials, arts and crafts and even make up how-to! So if you are up for something tooth-achingly sweet, Violet's the place to go.

Fables in Fashion
Written by a dear friend of mine, newly paired partners in crime. Beautifully done up and incredibly clean, join her in a ride through the current seasons of high fashions as well as her own ideas.

Fashion by Hayley
Melbournite girl who dares to be different! She is one of the reason I am starting to fall head over heels in love with the fashion industry.

Always Chasing
Beautiful lady, beautiful photography, beautiful clothes. Need I say more?

Sea of Ghosts
The designer behind the beautiful label Drink Me, Alice, beautiful illustrations from beautiful designers, here's a blog you can read and relax with a glass of white every night!

International Fashionistas
Written by two of the most gorgeous and sexy girls. They dig black and white and anything monochromatic. Wonderful sense of humour and even more fantastic photography. As an added bonus, they do heaps of tutorials too!

Macaron Hearts
Alanna is adorable. Alanna is sweet. And nothing makes me squee more than Alanna in pigtails. Alanna writes about the lolita subculture fashion and offers us tutorial as well as handy little weekly roundups of all the major Japanese lolita blogs.

Need Moar Lace
Another lolita blog written by the sweetest girl I know. Rounding up beautiful images from around the net and making beautiful images herself! Fantastic photographer too, this blog is definitely worth the trip to the dentist!

International Makeup Blogs

Tokyolife by Yumeko
Yumeko is a dear friend of mine who currently resides in Japan, the land of everything cute, sparkly and adorable. Yumeko is rather adorable herself too! Read her blog for make up tips, tutorials, comparisons and drool over the incredibly yummy food you can find in Japan.

Please note that this list is still being populated. Should you wish to add your link to the list, kindly contact Celeste at petite.valse (at)

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