Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nuffnang's Xmas party for Bloggers (Melbourne edition)

Oh. Oh my poor feet.

I'm back from the freaking amazing Christmas party that Nuffnang (AU Branch) hosted for all bloggers.
And boy was it a blast.

Above, are the two memoirs from the night. Already it feels so distant, as though it were merely a dream. But the little sticker that sports Violet's adorable art, and my terrible handwriting is proof that I did it. I conquered my fears and I went to the party. Alone. Oh and the heels are there because... well because my feet hurt so much right now from standing all night in them but I will suffer, I must suffer for they are such gorgeous heels.

Even while driving to the city, I was constantly thinking to myself: "oh dear oh dear, maybe I shouldn't go."
You see, I do have quite the problem when it comes to meeting new people. People I don't know.

But boy was I glad I went. I'd tell you more but I'm awfully tired and awfully sleepy but so awfully happy too. So rest assured that I will tell you more. Just let me get some winks in first. See, Joyce? I do sleep.

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