Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The beginning.

Image by Hayworth1981 via Flickr

In my journey towards a better-looking me, I've started looking at beauty and makeup.

Growing up, mum didn't teach me anything about makeup. In fact, I do believe that mum uses the bare minimum which is hardly any at all. She doesn't need makeup, she's beautiful as she is.

But not everybody is naturally attractive like my mum was. So here I am with the challenge of learning how to use makeup.

I used to not believe in makeup. I felt that it was a waste of time, money and effort. I felt that many of my girlfriends were spending too much time and money on the concept of beauty and too little time on actually using their wits and brains. That was how immature my thinking was a few years ago! Plus who am I to say how others should be better using their time and money? At any rate, I digress.

So right now, this is where I stand.

I finally understand how makeup doesn't hide but actually accentuates a person's features, bringing out the beauty that is often hidden to the unskilled eye. I finally understand how important putting in that time and effort at the beginning of the day to pretty up your face and appearance is. It affects your entire mood, your day and gives you that little bit extra boost and confidence to get through each day, allowing you to put your best foot forward.

And while I am aware on the very basics of using makeup and am able to do up a fairly basic look within minutes, there are many techniques and skills yet that I lack. For example, I do not know how to shape my brows nor line them with an eyebrow liner properly. Therefore I've been doing my research and have found a number of really good makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Here are some of my favourites:



EnKore Makeup

Makeup Geek

Do you have a youtube Makeup Guru that you follow?

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shabby Apple : Not so shabby dresses!

Doing my usual rounds of the internet, I came across Shabby Apple.
Not a brand I've heard before, but the pictures and web design drew me in. And what I found made me gasp with delight.

The dresses at Shabby Apple are absolutely pure love! The designs were chic and modern and everything a young 20 year old would wear to make their first break into the working world.

Take a look for yourself.

Nancy Drew


Nine to Five


G. Cooper

I shouldn't link more. You get the idea don't you?

And if that's not enough to tempt you, ShabbyApple is having a 20% sale right now.
Just put in the coupon code: winter20off. But hurry, this expires on the 28th of January. Not much time, so get in there now!

Still not convinced? Then let me quote you a little something off their website:

Shabby Apple love to help women dress but are also committed to helping women live as well. Thus we are supporting the fight against global poverty by partnering with Unitus - a non-profit organization that accelerates access to life-changing financial services for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net dress sales to support work in India (where Shabby Apple sources many of its dresses the textiles used to manufacture its dresses). In addition, each Shabby Apple customer has the opportunity to donate an extra five dollars to Unitus every time she buys a dress. Shabby Apple and Unitus are involved with 10 of India's most promising microfinance organizations that provide financial services to more than 1.6 million hard-working women and their families.

Every $100 donation from Shabby Apple provides at least 20 women with access to financial services - and the chance to live a life without poverty.

You get to wear beautiful dresses and do your bit for charity too. So why not?

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Of thinking too much.

Image by Habit of Art via Flickr

So as I took a walk out to the Post Office today, I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass windows of the shops. And while I have no photo (it didn't occur me to take one, how silly is that?) , here's a little description to go by:

I was wearing: pink with black designs maxi dress that billowed like a sail behind me, with a big red floppy hat. Quite the beach / summer attire. I promise I will get photos next time!

But here's the thing. When I first caught sight of myself, I thought: Hey, that doesn't look half bad. Then I started looking properly, and that's when my negative side started to kick in. Thoughts like : Argh, my face is ugly. Argh, I look fat. Argh, stand straight dangit! started to crowd in. Did I mention my low self-esteem?

So I thought it'd be a good exercise to pinpoint what exactly I didn't like about myself, and it'd be an exercise in confidence and self-esteem if I worked towards overcoming those points that I hate about myself and turn the negative into something positive.


The top 8 things I hate about my body (and face.. )

8. My posture - stand straight, stop slouching!
7. My glasses - I am incredibly paranoid about contacts now, so I don't see how I can avoid them..
6. My eyes - so small! Need to learn how to use make up efficiently here.
5. My features - unfortunately I was born with these.. so I need to work on making them work.
4. My thighs - I'm pretty sure they could squash you dead.
3. My tummy - how many months pregnant now?
2. My arms - I need to lose these flabby arms!
1. My weight - I need to lose 12 kgs by June.

I assure you, I do actually have things I like about myself. Unfortunately they are more to do with my inner strength, determination and confidence to succeed in non-beauty/fashion areas. But no matter. 2010 is to be a year of self-discovery and a journey towards a better me. I have 8 goals to work towards and hopefully in a year's time when I look back, I'll have progressed in some of those areas.

So let's share a story, if you are comfortable. What part of you do you not like, and what measures have you taken to overcome that?

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

No longer.

Image by Nikilynn via Flickr

And another year goes by.

In 2010, I promise myself that I will be different. No longer will I stand and view life from behind a mask, no longer will I be contented to be on the sidelines and dream from afar.

Too long have I stood and said : I'm ugly and It makes no difference.

But what truly made no difference was my lack of confidence and belief in myself to try. It was easier to sit and whine.

No longer.

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