Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of thinking too much.

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So as I took a walk out to the Post Office today, I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass windows of the shops. And while I have no photo (it didn't occur me to take one, how silly is that?) , here's a little description to go by:

I was wearing: pink with black designs maxi dress that billowed like a sail behind me, with a big red floppy hat. Quite the beach / summer attire. I promise I will get photos next time!

But here's the thing. When I first caught sight of myself, I thought: Hey, that doesn't look half bad. Then I started looking properly, and that's when my negative side started to kick in. Thoughts like : Argh, my face is ugly. Argh, I look fat. Argh, stand straight dangit! started to crowd in. Did I mention my low self-esteem?

So I thought it'd be a good exercise to pinpoint what exactly I didn't like about myself, and it'd be an exercise in confidence and self-esteem if I worked towards overcoming those points that I hate about myself and turn the negative into something positive.


The top 8 things I hate about my body (and face.. )

8. My posture - stand straight, stop slouching!
7. My glasses - I am incredibly paranoid about contacts now, so I don't see how I can avoid them..
6. My eyes - so small! Need to learn how to use make up efficiently here.
5. My features - unfortunately I was born with these.. so I need to work on making them work.
4. My thighs - I'm pretty sure they could squash you dead.
3. My tummy - how many months pregnant now?
2. My arms - I need to lose these flabby arms!
1. My weight - I need to lose 12 kgs by June.

I assure you, I do actually have things I like about myself. Unfortunately they are more to do with my inner strength, determination and confidence to succeed in non-beauty/fashion areas. But no matter. 2010 is to be a year of self-discovery and a journey towards a better me. I have 8 goals to work towards and hopefully in a year's time when I look back, I'll have progressed in some of those areas.

So let's share a story, if you are comfortable. What part of you do you not like, and what measures have you taken to overcome that?

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