Thursday, December 17, 2009

Social Event: Nuffnang Xmas Party (Melbourne Edition)

This adorable art was done by my dear friend, Violet!

Blogging can sometimes be a rather lonely path. You are sitting in front of your computer, typing out your thoughts and pouring out your soul, and you are never guranteed readers. At least I know I'm not as my blogs are still relatively new.

But Nuffnang put a stop to that. Together with fellow bloggers, they have been building (and still building!) a supportive community for bloggers and holding events to bring bloggers together. And with christmas round the corner, what better excuse than a christmas party?

To be honest I was reluctant to go. My partner in crime was stuck in work meetings all night long and I dreaded having to go alone to an event where I knew nobody. Forget that there'd be other people in the same boat, forget that I really should be making new friends. The fact remained that I was too shy. Too fresh in my mind, the days when I was snubbed at parties, too fresh in my mind, the days of me feeling absolutely lost and left out. So to be honest, I didn't want to go.

But with the encouragement of Celina and the desire to meet other bloggers, especially the ones whom I've been reading for ever so long! I decided I'd go. And looking back, I am so thankful that Celina pushed me to go. I'd have missed out the wonderful night otherwise. Here are some photos of the night, taken by Candice from Super Kawaii Mama if i'm not mistaken.

I'd tell you who all the bloggers were but unfortunately my short term memory is kinda that. Short.
I will try to ferret out who's who over the next few days, but for now let me end this social report with a:

When I wandered in, feeling terribly out of place, contemplating making a dash back to my car which was round the corner: Candice was the first person to welcome me in with a warm smile. It calmed my nerves and made me feel a thousand times better. So thank you Candice. And thank you to Nuffnang for being such a wonderful host. It was a really enjoyable night!

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Nuffnang's Xmas party for Bloggers (Melbourne edition)

Oh. Oh my poor feet.

I'm back from the freaking amazing Christmas party that Nuffnang (AU Branch) hosted for all bloggers.
And boy was it a blast.

Above, are the two memoirs from the night. Already it feels so distant, as though it were merely a dream. But the little sticker that sports Violet's adorable art, and my terrible handwriting is proof that I did it. I conquered my fears and I went to the party. Alone. Oh and the heels are there because... well because my feet hurt so much right now from standing all night in them but I will suffer, I must suffer for they are such gorgeous heels.

Even while driving to the city, I was constantly thinking to myself: "oh dear oh dear, maybe I shouldn't go."
You see, I do have quite the problem when it comes to meeting new people. People I don't know.

But boy was I glad I went. I'd tell you more but I'm awfully tired and awfully sleepy but so awfully happy too. So rest assured that I will tell you more. Just let me get some winks in first. See, Joyce? I do sleep.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Have a very ecofashionista Christmas!

I'm rather late in my report giving, but better late than never?

With the world going the way it is, it really makes me wonder how soon are we going to find ourselves in a barren world with all our natural resources used up? Everyday you look around you and more trees are cut down, more natural resources burnt up and more waste is produced. Do you really want to leave your grandchildren and generations to come a rather empty world to live in?

I love nature, greens, forests and such and the thought of potentially not having them on this planet anymore makes me die a little inside. That's why I support recycling and eco-friendly products, and frown upon the mad dash and crazy manner of consumerism that Christmas seem to inspire every year.

So when < Insert Name Here > boutique in Georges on Collins held an event to help educate shoppers on how to make ethical and environmentally friendly choices for their christmas shopping this season, I jumped at the chance to be there and show my support.

The resident designers of < Insert Name Here > were all present and along with my partner-in-crime, we ooh'd and ahh'd over the beautiful creations of EvaQ, drool'd (not literally!) over the shining jewels from the Joolz collections and the funky T-shirts from T-shirt Garage brought a smile to our face.

Not to mention the fantastic door gifts (organic chocolate, who can say no?) and organic vodka (now this was really yummy!) really made the night a night to remember. Pauline from PK Walker gave a lovely talk about the importance of being environmentally friendly, organic and urge shoppers to be aware of what goes into the items that we purchase. It was really an enjoyable evening not to mention a rather educational one as well!

From left: Alex Hume from Ecofashionista and Pauline from PK Walker

So shop wisely this Christmas, and think about the environment before you purchase anything. There are many ways you can help save the environment, and if everybody did just a little bit to help lessen the impact, this world will stay green for a much longer time.

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Posh clothes.

Remember the days when Spice Girls first took us by storm with 'Wannabe' in 1996?

13 years later, the group is no longer together and the members of the group have gone on to achieve different things in their lives. Looking back on the music videos of those glamour filled, beat pumping and music filled years, would you have thought that Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice would now be a fashion designer designing her own clothes under her own label: 'Victoria Beckham' ?

I certainly didn't see it coming and certainly had my doubts about her label. But I think she's won me over. Take a look and see what you think.

Source: Victoria

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The most awesome pair of shoes ever.

I'm usually one for elegance and flowing lines.
Not much for the big, chunky and in-your-face side of things.
The reason to this is that I'm rather small sized, and if I wore overly chunky things, I just look like I'm dressing up in my mummy's shoes.

But I have to say that this pair of shoes have won me over.

It's a collab between Doc Martens and Subversive Jewelry but that's not the weird (or funky bit).

The really jaw-dropping part is the fact that it's available from a vending machine in the Mondrian Hotel in Miami.

And I thought Japan's vending machine were cool.


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Monday, December 7, 2009

Let us go Linky-link..

I love to read blogs as I find them much easier and way more interesting to read than new's sites. So I learn of my news 2nd hand, but in a much more interesting way!

So below you will find a list of blogs that I read and devour greedily as soon as they pop up on my google reader. (God bless Google Reader!)

Australian Fashionistas

Lady Melbourne
Voted best fashion blog in the Nuffnang regional blog awards 2009. She shares lots of fantastic tips on vintage and op shop shopping, as well as quick tutorials on how to upcycle clothes into new wearable fashion.

Super Kawaii Mama
If you are a retro or vintage lover, you cannot let this one go. She's absolutely sweet and shares my love of all things sparklies! Beautiful tutorials and her ever dazzling smile always brightens the day.

Violet Le Beaux
A fellow lolita and himegyaru lover, Violet shares heaps of tutorials on all things girly! Lots of clothing how-to and hair-do tutorials, arts and crafts and even make up how-to! So if you are up for something tooth-achingly sweet, Violet's the place to go.

Fables in Fashion
Written by a dear friend of mine, newly paired partners in crime. Beautifully done up and incredibly clean, join her in a ride through the current seasons of high fashions as well as her own ideas.

Fashion by Hayley
Melbournite girl who dares to be different! She is one of the reason I am starting to fall head over heels in love with the fashion industry.

Always Chasing
Beautiful lady, beautiful photography, beautiful clothes. Need I say more?

Sea of Ghosts
The designer behind the beautiful label Drink Me, Alice, beautiful illustrations from beautiful designers, here's a blog you can read and relax with a glass of white every night!

International Fashionistas
Written by two of the most gorgeous and sexy girls. They dig black and white and anything monochromatic. Wonderful sense of humour and even more fantastic photography. As an added bonus, they do heaps of tutorials too!

Macaron Hearts
Alanna is adorable. Alanna is sweet. And nothing makes me squee more than Alanna in pigtails. Alanna writes about the lolita subculture fashion and offers us tutorial as well as handy little weekly roundups of all the major Japanese lolita blogs.

Need Moar Lace
Another lolita blog written by the sweetest girl I know. Rounding up beautiful images from around the net and making beautiful images herself! Fantastic photographer too, this blog is definitely worth the trip to the dentist!

International Makeup Blogs

Tokyolife by Yumeko
Yumeko is a dear friend of mine who currently resides in Japan, the land of everything cute, sparkly and adorable. Yumeko is rather adorable herself too! Read her blog for make up tips, tutorials, comparisons and drool over the incredibly yummy food you can find in Japan.

Please note that this list is still being populated. Should you wish to add your link to the list, kindly contact Celeste at petite.valse (at)

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Burberry Prorsum Pre-fall 2010

It's Summer here down in Aussieland but I still can't help but go starry-eyed at Burberry Prorsum's pre-fall line for 2010.

Trench coats have always been my secret love, but alas! for me, I never grew much taller than ... well... .. let's just say I wish I was 165 cm tall. Trench coats would look so much better on me then!

Have a look at these yummy offerings!

And seriously, every guy needs a trench coat like this:

It is seriously to die for.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

The ugly duckling.

Image by Olof Grind

Welcome to Let's dance a fashion waltz, my personal fashion journal that will document my growth, my musing and my discoveries in a journey from being an ugly duckling, to a swan.

Growing up, we are bombarded with notions of what beauty is. Television, magazines, media and the internet along side with society creates a picture of what beauty and perfection is. But is this true? Is this really what it should be like?

Growing up, I've always been of the opinion that I am one of those who was born to be plain because I did not fall into the cookie cutter template of what society's version of beauty is. But as I grew older, I realised that this wasn't true: beauty is what you make of it; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty isn't just skip deep.

And now, I'm still growing up. I'm growing up to find out where and what my beauty truly is. For we are all beautiful. The key is finding it.

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